Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bare Escentuals...Not for Me

Ok so years ago after watching Bare Escentuals on QVC I ordered the bareMinerals foundation, the Mineral Veil and the brushes. I was so excited to try it. The transformations I was watching all looked great. Rosacea covered, zits hidden, magnificent glow to the skin and the makeup all looked very natural. Once I received and tried it all my excitement went away. I don't have horrible skin but I don't have flawless skin either. The foundation didn't cover enough for me. It just didn't do anything for my skin. The worst part was the "swirl, tap, buff" technique. There was powder in my sink and on my clothes. I just wasn't feeling the whole thing. So fast forward to a recent trip to Sephora whereI see the Get Started Kit ($60). Feeling ready to give this highly regarded mineral makeup another chance I purchased it. Well all I can say is the best predictor of the future is the past. All the same stuff I hated about it years ago I still hated. The only thing I liked from the set is the sample of bareVitamins Prime Time. This was a really nice primer. I know millions of people are fans of bareMinerals I just am not one of them. I'd love to hear some of your experiences with this product.

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Julie said...

I have to agree. Bare Escentuals is not for me either.